Frequently asked questions

The enrollee should call the Call Center for intervention. The numbers are – 08031230100, 08085897999, 09087250101, 01-6330300, 01-2806399
The enrollee should immediately call the health plan manager or the Call Center for intervention.
The enrollee should immediately call the Health Plan Manager or contact the Call Center for intervention.
You should immediately call the health plan manager or the Call Center for intervention.
Oceanic Health organizes enlightenment sessions for all providers regularly ensuring that providers have good working knowledge of all covered services.
You can request for a change of hospital. This change to another hospital is on a monthly basis and should be done before the 20th of the eventful month.
All providers must notify Oceanic Health before such referral is made, stating the reasons and requesting for an approval.
All customer service-related issues should be forwarded to Oceanic Health Call Center for investigation and proper resolution.
Oceanic Health should be informed of such occurrence as no healthcare provider is allowed to discriminate against enrollees on health insurance plans.
You should notify Oceanic HMO via mail or telephone lines stating the issues and the healthcare provider involved.
In such situations you can send a SMS or an email to the Call Centre or contact the Health Plan Manager.
Oceanic Health Call Centre staff are trained to be polite and courteous but should any agent, in your opinion fall below your expectation, you should formally forward a complaint to hmo@oceanichealthng.com
The enrollee can inform the HCP to send in their proposal to Oceanic Health for consideration.
You may call the toll free numbers (08031230100, 08085897999) and we will to assist you in getting across to your healthcare provider.
You may visit the nearest Oceanic Health accredited hospital to access medical care or call the help lines (08031230100 ,08085897999) for directives.
We advise that you recommend at least 2 hospitals and send the details to HMO as we may consider enlisting such hospital on the scheme after proper credentialing.
We advise that each enrollee know the scope of coverage of his/her chosen health plan to enable them avoid exploitation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Oceanic Health immediately.
You will not be reimbursed for not attending the hospital. Oceanic Health pays the healthcare provider for out-patient services on a monthly basis whether or not you did not go to the hospital and therefore premium paid cannot be reimbursed.
Not all the providers are specialist care providers. An enrollee can be referred to a specialist care provider from his chosen hospital. A specialist care provider under the Oceanic Health Insurance Scheme is a medical practitioner with Fellowship or Board registration as specialist in Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Physiotherapy, Ophthalmology, Optometry, Paediatrics, Dentistry and in other recognized medical specialties and who has satisfied the requirements of Oceanic Health Insurance Scheme as having the capacity to do so within expected quality assurance standards criteria prescribed by Oceanic Health, and as thus been accredited to provide the required specialist care.
Yes, you can do a full body check-up anytime as long as it is a benefit on your chosen health plan.
All drugs given at the hospitals may not be branded, but drugs are expected to be NAFDAC APPROVED, safe and effective drugs.
You are not to pay any additional amount regardless the number of visits to the hospital.
You should call the Call Centre for intervention. The numbers are 08031230100, 08085897999.
You can go to any other Oceanic Health provider on our network close to that location and present our ID card, your eligibility will be confirmed, and you would be attended to. You can also call our telephone lines for assistance.
Safe and effective drugs approved by NAFDAC in addition to correct clinical examination, investigation, and diagnosis is what guarantees good outcomes and not branded drugs. Hospital may not be able to store branded drugs that every enrollee will prefer to use. Choice of drug should be left to the discretion of the doctor, although an enrollee has a right to refuse any drug given.
It only takes about 30mins for a request for an approval to be replied.
General Medical Practitioners are to assess all cases first and then refer to the paediatrician if need be.
The HMO has an enrollee handbook that is given to every new enrollee and this contains all the information one needs to know but if an enrollee is not clear about some certain issues, calling our Call Centre lines would help to clarify the benefits for each plan.
A situation necessitating urgent medical attention, absence of which will result in permanent disability or death.
Only extreme emergency cases attracts re-imbursement, for example, in a situation whereby someone suddenly stops breathing and is rushed to the hospital and oxygen is to be administered, the patient can pay the bills since it’s an emergency, then later on, the HMO would reimburse the patient. However reimbursement is only guaranteed where the enrollee had notified Oceanic Health not later than 48hrs after the incidence.
Yes, enrollees can call our toll free lines anytime, it’s a 24hour service and our staff are ready to be of help anytime of the day. Call Centre telephone numbers are – 08031230100, 08085897999.
The specialist care provider will not be paid if he cannot accompany the bill with a referral letter issued by the primary care provider with appropriate pre-authorization code
You can upgrade to the appropriate plan by paying an additional premium in order to access care in the hospital of preference.
Exclusions are services not covered on a health plan.
All National Programme on Immunization (NPI) (mandatory) immunizations are covered by all Oceanic Health Plans. However not all optional immunizations are covered on the health plans.
The HMO should be notified in situations of delay in claims settlement or non-payment of outstanding bills by contacting the Health Plan Manager or the Call Centre.
Kindly write to us stating the issues with the compensation policy, justifications and also giving necessary recommendations.
Contact the Oceanic Health Call Center immediately.
The quality assurance unit carries out official visits to the providers and the capitation lists are mailed to the providers via dispatch riders.
All claims for the current month are to be sent during the first week of the next month in order to ensure prompt processing of their claims. Also all claims should be prepared following all necessary guidelines.
The best way to get enough enrollees is by treating the currently enrolled very well and following laid down HMO guidelines .This will attract more enrollees by way of referral by your current enrollees
Capitation paid for all enrollees is meant for only treatment of minor ailments that require out-patient treatment .It is meant for all enrollees registered with a provider are supposed to be pooled to treat only those enrollees that will fall sick during the course of the month.
Poor compliance with Oceanic Health tariff regimen, polypharmacy and up coding.
Any aggrieved provider should make his request known to Oceanic Health? A review of the case would be done in order to justify the request?
Only providers that have specialist care units that meets the standard of Oceanic Health will be allowed to do so.
Write to the Health Plan Manager stating bill(s) for which account reconciliation is been requested. Oceanic Health will invite you for a meeting where the differences will be amicably resolved. .
No provider should demand payment for covered services from any enrollee. Providers are to call the Oceanic Health Call Centre Lines to get authorization to treat. No enrollee of Oceanic should be denied medical treatment or asked to pay for covered services. Enrollees who are visiting from other towns are entitled to treatment on out-of-station basis following confirmation of eligibility via our Call Centre. Where not clear all providers should seek clarification on what services are covered under enrollee’s plan and if so indicated obtain appropriate preauthorization.
Contract forms serve as a form of reference of the mutual agreement between the provider and the HMO, and the terms and conditions of the mutual partnership.
All enquiries about claims should be directed to the Health Plan Manager in charge.
Request for a copy of the Provider Handbook.
Call Oceanic Health Call Centre and we will help you resolve any issues you may have.
We will endeavour inspect the provider’s facility in a timely fashion and assess the appropriateness of the facility for use under the scheme.
The enrollee should confirm from Oceanic Health before paying as no enrollee is expected to pay for covered services.
Hospitals are supposed to request for approval in form of a pre-authorization from the HMO in order for the HMO to monitor the quality and medical necessity of treatment and also assure the hospital of their payment.
Extra payments for single plans will be required for extra dependants.
Go to your chosen hospital with your Oceanic Health ID card.
The membership ID card is issued within 48hrs of appropriately completing the registration and payment of the premium.
Write to the Health Plan Manager stating the circumstances surrounding the payment made out-of-pocket and notification to Oceanic Health within 48hrs of the incidence. Attach all original copies of receipts for payments and your request will be considered based on its merit.
Pre-authorizations are approvals given to healthcare providers for services other than capitation-covered services upon request by the provider. It is the responsibility of the provider to request for pre-authorization and not the enrollee. Pre-authorization helps the HMO to monitor the quality of care and ensure medical necessity of treatment about to be given to enrollee.
Pre-authorization can be requested for via hard copy letters, email, SMS and telephone call to the Call Center.
Locate the nearest Oceanic Health healthcare provider, present your membership ID card and contact the Call Center for assistance should you need any.
Issuance Medical sick leave is subject to the discretion of the attending doctor after assessment of your clinical condition. Issuance of sick leave must be in line with the principle of evidence based medicine and medical necessity.
Promptly contact the Call Centre for assistance right away.
Oceanic Health provides Enrollee Handbooks and organizes Enrollee Enlightenment Sessions and Health Seminars every quarter where information are shared and enrollees are educated and empowered.
Contact Oceanic Health Call Center for immediate intervention.
? Oceanic HMO should be notified immediately for loss of ID card, send request to hmo@oceanichealthng.com. You will be required to pay a token for the replacement.
For companies, ID cards are distributed through the HR Department while for individual enrollees; ID cards can be collected from the regional offices. In case of delay contact the Call Centre
Contact Oceanic Health Call Centre for immediate intervention.
A brother/sister cannot be included in the scheme; it only covers principal staff, the spouse and biological/legally adopted four children.
The health insurance is based on individuals, person-substitution is not allowed.
The parents of the child would forward to Oceanic Health within 4weeks of birth the following: passport photograph and the child’s birth certificate, and hospital of choice.
An email should be sent to Oceanic Health notifying us of the birth of the baby
To change hospital, the enrollee would have to send a mail or write to the HMO on or before the 20th day of the month for the change to take effect on the 1st day of the next month.
It takes about one month for the change of hospital to be effective.
Kindly write to Oceanic health via email for or apply through your HR Department (if from an employer based organization). the email address is – hmo@oceanichealthng.com.
An enrollee should enquire from their HR or otherwise write to HMO. Enrollees’ ID card would be received through his/her HR Department.
The enrollee should have a form of identification and name therein cross checked with the capitation list.
Kindly forward a letter stating the errors to the enrollment unit.
Kindly forward an email to the Call Centre on upgrade of your plan.

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